Origin is EA's computer based free gaming client and store front for all EA titles, allowing users to play all their favorite games in one place, which also includes the subscription service Origin Access, allowing users to play a multitude of game titles for a low months fee. EA Access is the Xbox based gaming client that includes a similar subscription service as Origin and allows for subscribers to play upcoming titles early and try out the latest and greatest game titles for free.

Big Vault Drop

The Big Vault Drop for Origin was a two tiered announcement of a large quantity of games all coming to the Origin Access game vault at once. It was created as a big push to expand the Origin Access gaming library and bring in new users. I was tasked with creating the look and feel of this campaign and creating all assets pertaining to all EA based platforms. The challenge created by the campaign was how to present 8 titles legibly in two different manners to represent the announcement and launch of the Big Vault Drop in a new, fresh way, while still upholding the Origin Brand.


With the final expansion of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt being released, I was tasked with creating a look and feel to showcase the entire Witcher series being put on sale in celebration. The assets pushed the boundary of what Origin had previously presented on their page for previous sales, including the use of an animated gif as the home page hero image for the first time.

Titanfall® 2

With the announcement of Titanfall® 2, I was tasked with creating multiple assets for the initial pre-order through Origin, leveraging key art assets to draw attention through both the homepage and Origin Access. 

ORigin Access Free trial

The Origin Access free trial look and feel was created to help with the announcement of a week long free trial for new users to see what Origin Access is all about and to help continue the growth of a larger user base.