Chimney Charcoal Packaging Concept

Featured on Fast Company

A charcoal packaging redesign concept geared towards the casual camper: the once-a-year camping type who wants an enjoyable, relaxing experience with minimal hassle. This concept would make for a convenient, waste-free, and environmentally friendly camping experience since no lighter fluid is used and the entire product is consumed.

The Chimney is a single use charcoal grilling pack derived from the concept of a traditional charcoal chimney, but without the bulk and extra hassle. Equipped with an internal shaft, the Chimney uses flame retention and convection to ignite the coals rather than relying on lighter fluid, and vents ensure constant airflow to fuel the fire. The Chimney heats the coals up consistently from the core, then when the paper shell burns up, the pyramid shape allows the coals to gradually settle into position and controls the flame once the paper burns.

Completed as part of the IOPP 48 Hour Re-Pack

Team: Michael DiCristina, Chris Yoon, Peter Smith, Meredith Morten, Blake Sanders, Vivian Rodriguez